If you need emergency help please call campus security: 024 7652 2222 (on campus) or 999 (off campus).

You are also welcome to contact the current welfare officer (Naomi Richardson) directly, either online or by having a chat at the wall. If you would prefer, you can also speak to our alternative welfare contact, Archie Dunbar. No pressure or minimum requirements, so please feel free to bring something up, whether it is big or small.

Welfare Officer

Naomi Richardson

Alternative Welfare Contact

Archie Dunbar

Resources you can access straight away

Wellbeing Services

Warwick's main mental health support for students

Report & Support

Submit a report of an incident if you wish, and also get direct one on one support

WSS Counselling

Counselling offered by Warwick Wellbeing Services


A student-run, confidential, and non-judgmental peer-to-peer support listening service

Other Resources

Below is a list of links to resources you can access. Trying to find the right support can be overwhelming, especially in times of distress, so please remember the welfare officer can help guide you to support appropriate for your needs. Reaching out to someone you can trust is often a great first step.

General Mental Health Support

Sexual Assault and Harrasment

Support for marginalised groups