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Warwick University Climbing Club is an inclusive and active sports club, with our aim being to get as many people as possible to experience the joy of climbing both indoors and on real rock. Whether you’re an experienced climber, a beginner wanting to learn, or just here for the socials, there’s something for everyone! Some highlights include: regular outdoor trips, climbing competitions, and socials - as well as our yearly tour in easter where we get to experience some of the best rock europe has to offer.

If you have very little to no climbing experience there is plenty of opportunity to learn, be that comp bouldering skills or top rope and lead climbing. We aim to have all our members feeling confident in what they want to do whether it be indoor bouldering or an outdoor trad multipitch. Joining also gives you access to the iconic climbing facilities provided by Warwick Sport here on campus (without having to pay for a Warwick Sport Membership) which includes bouldering, lead and speed walls to encompass all the climbing disciplines. For those that are already experienced climbers with your own gear, come along to our experienced club hours to meet like minded people and climb hard together.

We run a range of both alcoholic and sober socials - whether that’s terrible dancing in the Copper Rooms (the SU club), board game nights, or chilling and watching climbing documentaries, WUCC is an amazing way to meet people at the uni and make lifelong friends. Every few weeks you’ll also be able to escape from the uni on one of our outdoor trips and go somewhere far more interesting like the Peak District or Snowdonia!

At the start of terms 1 and 2 we will be running free taster sessions where you can try out climbing and get to know us, but don't be afraid to just come to club hours and say hi, exec will be visible and we are all super friendly (we promise) and happy to answer any questions you have. Or just come to a club social, everyone is always welcome so even if you have never climbed before feel free to come along and say hi.

Make sure to stay updated on our instagram (@w_u_c_c), Whatsapp, and our Facebook (Warwick University Climbing Club), where you can ask any further questions you have. For more info about the club, the exec, and how to get involved, check out the other pages on this site!
Big pres love,
Sophie Wade and Tom Cann
Club Presidents

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