Exec Trad and Anchor Trip - 2017

February 19, 2017 | Sophie Davies

We're always up for gaining more climbing skills on the exec, and what better way is there to do so other than out in the open! We had a trip up to the Peak district where we learnt how to set up top rope anchors for next years freshers trips in Autumn.

We headed up to near Flying Butress and set up some anchors. The weather was fantastic on the day that we went. Usually there is a strong breeze over the tops of the faces in the peaks but that day we were very lucky with a light wind over the tops and still conditions on the ground. Top tips for those going in June; take insect repellent! The damp rock and heat of the day meant that midgeys were in their element.

We learnt all sorts not only how to set up safe and secure anchor points, but a couple of us had a go at trad!

Trad Sec's have been newly introduced to the clubs committee board. As of this year we will have two experienced student climbers teaching us the skills. Its important to note that trad is by no means compulsory at the club. Indeed, its an extremely advanced part of the sport that does not lack dangerous elements. Therefore any members wishing to learn trad properly will have to have a certain level of experience and skill. (Safety First!)

Sophie: "Hey Sid, what's the best thing about trad?" *expects a deep and philosophical sort of answer*
Sid:" ...gear"