The Warp Pipe

December 7, 2017 | Sidney Sherborne


The Warp Pipe no longer exists. RIP 2019. This page has been left as a remembrance to the best place to climb on campus.

Big blue metal cylinder on the University of Warwick campus. Located behind Senate House (GPS Coordinates). Features thin breaks and slopey pockets containing knob shaped things. Problems finish standing on the top. A good place to practice outdoor bouldering (especially topping out) on campus.


  • Platformer f3+ (VB) - Mantel onto the pipe from a standing start

  • Pipe Dream f4+ (V0) - Start with hands in two separate pockets in the middle section

  • Teletransportation f5 (V1) - Start with both hands in the same pocket in the middle section, slap for the top and mantel


  • Platformer Eliminate - As for platformer but eliminating the pockets for hands

  • Platformer Super Eliminate - Standing start, use only the breaks to reach the top and mantel

  • Pipe Traverse - Starting matched on a pocket in the middle section, traverse the pipe in either direction without using the top